Tuesday, 19 February 2019

9b, 9d Holes

Write about the book/film and your opinions of it.
* Give a short summary of the story
* Describe how Stanley changes throughout the story
* What character did you like/dislike in the book
* How are the women in the story portrayed?
* What is your opinon of the book - good/bad points
* After seeing the movie - compare the movie to the book, which one did you like the most?

Monday, 18 February 2019

8A, 8D - Of mice and men

Hi everyone!

Well, now you have seen the movie "Of mice and men" and it's time to write about the book/movie.

This is what your written assignment should contain:


You will be given a couple of lessons to write.

Also add a paragraph about the following topic; Do you think Lennie deserved what happened to him in the end? Why/why not?

Have a great week.

Find out something about the author of the book (John Steinbeck)

When did he live?

Name some of the books he wrote.

Where is he from?

What prizes did he win and for which books?

Which book is about his travels with a dog?

Where did he get the inspiration for writing Of mice and men?

Why has the book been censored in some schools today?

Thursday, 14 February 2019

7d - Write about Charles Dickens


We have now read the book Oliver Twist.
Find out more facts about Charles Dickens, the author of the book.

Write about the following things;

When and where was he born

What books did he write?

Why did he write books?

What was his childhood like?

When and how did he die?

Charles Dickens

Om Charles Dickens - på svenska

Friday, 1 February 2019

7b, 7d write about your school

During the last couple of weeks you've learnt something about schools in South Africa, Britain and USA. Now it's your turn to write about the Swedish school. Write about the following things:
(Start with an introduction of yourself. )

* levels
* schooldays - when do you start school and when does it finish?
* homework/tests
* teachers
* dress codes
* lunch/breaks
* after school activities
* grades
* the best/worst thing about school
* other things you might think of...

Have a great week!

svenska skolan

9b, 9d- Holes topics

Read about a couple of topics from "Holes" and write your opinions about it. Share with me on google drive.

topics Holes

Monday, 28 January 2019

7b, 7D - Schools in Britain and USA

This week we will carry on reading about schools abroad, and this time it's time to learn something about education in Britain and USA.

These are the words for your homework:

Schools in Britain/USA


Don't forget to read the text and practice your pronunciation.

8A, 8D - Essay about gaming

Hi everyone!

Now we've worked with the chapters of the section "Gaming" in your books. It's time for the written assignment. You have to pick 20 words from the different texts that you will include in your essay.

Here is the link with the instructions:

Gaming essay instruction

Have a great week!

Instructions in Swedish;

* Skriv om spelandets historia. Se sid 86 i textboken.
* Hur tror du framtidens spel kommer att se ut och fungera?
* Berätta om bra och dåliga effekter av spelandet.
* Berätta om dina egna spelvanor. Vad var det första spelet du spelade? Vilka spel spelar du nu?
* Vilka effekter har du själv märkt av spelande på dig själv eller folk omkring dig?