Tuesday, 29 May 2018

8B, 8D - My two weeks as a trainee

Hi everyone and welcome back!

I hope you had a great time as trainees. Your first assignment in English will be to present your two weeks as a trainee to your class mates. . Start by reading the instructions below and prepare for the assignment by writing down useful vocabulary about your job. Read the instructions here:


Good luck!

Tuesday, 15 May 2018

7a, 7c, 7d - Strange flying animals

We'll carry on working with Australia this week and you'll also read a new chapter called "Strange flying animals" - one of the animals described in the text is from Australia.

This time your test will be written.

Strange flying animals


Find out facts about an Australian animal and tell your classmates about it.

Australian animals

You can find out the following facts;

What does the animal eat?
Something about their babies (do they lay eggs?)
Do they have enemies? (who wants to eat them)
Where do they live?
What sound do they make?
Are they dangerous to humans?
What do they look like? (size, weight etc)

Tuesday, 24 April 2018

8b, 8d - My ideal job

My ideal job

In a couple of weeks you will have a two week work experience. You’ve done some tests to find out what job would be suitable for you. Write about a profession that you would like to have when you grow up. Find out the following things; 

  • What education do you need for it? 
  • Job description? What do you do when you work as a…? 
  • What is the salary? 
  • What kind of job opportunities are there? 
  • What are the pros and cons of the job? 
  • What other qualifications do you need for the job (a certain kind of personality? ) 
  • Why would you like to work as a…? What makes you suitable for that job? 
  • What is important for you in a job, the salary or that you enjoy what you do or that you get on well with the people you work with? 

Use google to find out more information. For information about salary you can google ”lönestatistik”. 

Useful links; 

High school programmes translated into English

Monday, 23 April 2018

7a, 7c, 7d - Nicky's big trip and Australia

This week we will return to your textbooks and read "Nicky's Big Trip". The vocabulary will be your homework for next Thursday. The test is verbal so you have to practice explaining the words so your friends can guess which word you are talking about. You will find the words here:

Nicky's Big Trip


We are also going to work with facts about Australia. Read these fact sheets and answer the questions, please.

Australia part 1

Australia part 2

When you are done you can make your own fact sheet about Australia. Use facts from the following page:

Facts abut Australia

Monday, 16 April 2018

7a, 7c, 7d - Powerpoint project


It's time for a new assignment. Create a powerpoint presentation about anything you like (a trip you have made, your best friend…anything at all).

Add your recorded voice to the powerpoint and send it to me. Minimum time is 3 minutes.
Instructions for recording the voice; click bildspel, then click "spela in bildspel" and then "ok".

Good luck and I'm looking forward to listening/seeing your powerpoint presentations.