Wednesday, 28 November 2012

8A - solving problems

Hi everyone! The Christmas holiday is getting nearer... I just wished it would snow, that would certainly lighten things up, wouldn't it.

On Thursday we are going to work with some problem solving...and this time it's all about troubles you might have as a teenager. You'll be working with questions from a British magazine for teens and you will also make up your own problems - and give solutions to your friends. This time I'm planning to publish your work on "issuu" and your parents will be able to view it when they visit us on the 12th of December! I know you are all very creative kids and I'm sure the result will be excellent.

Don't forget to airdrop the letter from Link. You've had plenty of time to finish it!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Homework 7D - "My great idea"

Hi again!

 This week we're going to work with a new chapter in your textbooks, "My great idea". Follow the link and you will find the words for your homework. You can also practise your new words on

My great idea

Thursday, 15 November 2012

8A - Stone Cold

Hi again! I hope you all had a good week. This week we've been watching the film Stone Cold - a story about a homeless boy, Link. Some of you have been off sick and my suggestion to you is to watch the movie on Youtube. Search for "BBC Stone Cold" and you will find all three episodes.

Your assignment is to write a letter from Link to Gail (the girl in the movie - the one who turned out to be a reporter). You have to write from Link's point of view and tell Gail how your life has turned out five years later. Have you managed to find a job? Have you returned to Bradford to your family? It's up to you to decide what happened to Link - use your imagination. But you know I love happy endings :-)

You can hand in your letter during week 48.

On Monday week 47 we will do some revision before the BIG test - and if you have any questions about the grammar in the test (or anything else), please let me know!

7A, 7B Food in the future

Well done everyone! It was great to see your keynote presentations and to hear about your food habits. You know, I expected to hear much more about hamburgers and pizzas! I was pleasantly surprised - most of you eat healthy food. And none of you eat Ben&Jerrys before bedtime (like I do...)

After we're done with the presentations we will carry on working with the chapter "What is the future of food". Your homework for next week will be to write a summary of the chapter and also to read a couple of articles about food we might eat in the future. The information in the articles must be included in your summary. I also want to hear about your own thoughts on the subject.

Anyway, I will give you more information during our next lesson...

If you follow this link you can read the articles about food in the future. The articles might be a bit hard for you to understand, but don't worry. We'll read them together and I'll explain the contents to you next time we meet.

Food in the future 1

Food in the future 2

Questions to articles

Anvisningar till uppsats

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Useful links

Try these links if you want to practise some more English. I will add more links as soon as I can...

Games and other exercises  (Easy level)

Fun games

Exercise book online


Description exercises

Listening exercises with questions (different levels)

Listening exercises


BBC news (easy level)

BBC news

For all you Harry Potter-lovers! 

Are you a fan of Harry Potter? Join Pottermore, receive a letter from Hogwarts and find out if you will end up in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff.

This is a great link if you want to read more advanced texts and find out more about Harry Potter.


Monday, 5 November 2012

7A, 7B Food habits!


I hope you all had a great break.

Welcome to my new English blog. I hope the blog will help you to remember your homework and also make English even more fun. I'll do my best to find fun exercises for you so you can practise English 24/7!

This week we are going to carry on working with the "food" chapters. Your homework for next week (week 46) will be to create your own keynote presentation with your food habits. We want to know all about what you eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner  and what your favorite food is.

You will tell the rest of your class about your food habits during week 46 - 47.
We will also work with restaurant dialogues and do some acting...

If you want to practise more food words, take a look at these links!

Junk food


Have fun!